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We have two adults available

From time to time, we may offer an adult male or female to a pet home NOT A BREEDING PROGRAM.  

Although I would love to place our retired or older dogs for free, that is just not possible. I need to ensure that they are getting the best home and that I have a family that recognizes their value and are willing to invest in a new family member. These dogs are not being thrown away! I have loved them, and they will be dearly missed. I also believe that a pet home is a wonderful life for our retired dogs. We have French bulldogs of all ages looking for homes. Some very young girls & boys that just didn't finish the way I was hoping and I'm letting them go. Typically, they are 12-24 months of age. Others are retired breeders, and they range in age 3-5 depending on sex. Boys stay longer and are harder for me to let go of. 

You will find in the drop down bars pictures of our daddies and mommies. 
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