French Bulldog History - Colors and  Facts
Here at distinctive French Bulldogs we focus on producing show/pet quality, healthy AKC registered French Bulldog puppies. 


Watch me Dodge you winners dog
Winner's Dog
This is Dodge when he was just ten months old being shown by Audra from IMABOXERS. 
Dodge is the foundation of our breeding program.
Dodge three years old
Dodge today
Dodge is a beautiful AKC cream French Bulldog with a large square head and beautiful bat ears. He is nicely put together with a compact body and thick bones.

I never touch this page but I think it's time for a change! Here is Viper all grown up pictured June 2015. He is a son of Dodge and what I think of as a perfect male French bulldog.

Viper show dog Cream AKC French bulldog
Viper's personality is a great example of a clown dog & a frog dog!

Viper AKC cream male

I'm very proud to produce great looking healthy French Bulldog dogs and look forward to a few more years.


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