French Bulldog History - Colors and  Facts

I really do enjoy talking with families about my dogs and could probably talk for ever about them if given the chance. I thought it may be easier to write down some of the questions along with the answers . 

Where are you located? 
N. SAN DIEGO & Riverside CA

Where can I see the puppies?
Murrieta CA is where we show our pups

what age do you let your puppies go home?
8 weeks and older

can we meet the parents? 

can we see the puppies?
yes with an appointment. 

Do you offer a health guarantee?
yes your puppy will have a 2 year health guarantee

do you have a waiting list?
yes, if you would like an email on our newest litter than the waiting list is best. There is a $250 fee to be added to the list. This comes off the purchase price.

Do you vaccinate the puppies?
yes we start with single dose vaccines.

do you ship/deliver puppies?
Yes. $600 to ship a puppy via airline anywhere in the US. 

how much is the puppy deposit
$600-$1600 depending on the price of pup

how much are your puppies? (just a pet :) #1 ? 
All puppies start at $3600 
Brindle $3600
Fawn $4600
Cream $4600

These prices fluctuate depending on how many are in the litter what colors and boys vs girls.

how many times do you breed your dogs a year? 
females once a year 

Do you test your adults? 


Degenerative Myelopathy


Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts

Can I have a copy of the results?
Yes the copy fee is $75 

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