French Bulldog History - Colors and  Facts
                   Our Girls
All our girls are AKC registered and add something to our program. We are planning ahead and looking at our 2018 program. We are looking at cream, fawn & brindle puppies. 

Distinctive French bulldog Brindle Bamboo
Is probable the most spoiled frog dog that owns me. She loves to eat and will not stop until she gets her treats and than some.

Bamboo is finally a mommy with her first litter on the ground now. 

Distinctivefrench bulldog Chula cream AKC  

Cream frenchie
Ophilia is a wonderful french bulldog

Elsa is a sweet girl and loves her babies. She produces gorgeous thick cream puppies.


Red fawn french bulldog

Pluska is an amazing red fawn with a super stocky build! 



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