French Bulldog History - Colors and  Facts

I've decided to get personal and let everyone have a glimpse into my family.  God blessed me with three awesome boys. Our dogs are a part of our lives. We have shown dogs, pigs and even chickens. In no order at all some pictures of my frog dogs and the family that loves them.

Me and my boys french bulldog family

my boys raised with frencies

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french bulldog playtime
Even grandma can't stand not to play with babies!

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fawn and brindle frenchie puppy

Sofia snuggle down distinctivefrenchbulldog

show time pig but still distinctive

Fresca pups 11 days 001

Fealyn and Lily 032

our cats stay away from the frenchies

Bowl full of frenchies

June bug blue french bulldog

French kiss Yes you bet love my frog dogs

Shipping cream puppy AKC french bulldog

My first blue ribbon owner handler. yes I did it with an awesome cream french bulldog

Loving frenchies

John our handler

Moso a cream french bulldog along with Rio a red fawn frenchie hanging out at the beach

Fawn female distinctivefrenchbulldog  DFBULLDOG

This is our future boy a son of Jack we call him Rio. Nice AKC frenchie

red fawn French bulldog female

Jack when he was a distinctive french bulldog pup, red fawn

Jack when he was a pup

Shipping French bulldog puppy from San Diego to San Francisco

Shipping puppies is never easy and I worry like heck until they reach new loving hands.

my distinctive french bulldog and myself. thats a cream male moso and me at the grand canyon

2017 Grand Canyon

Cream boy MOSO

Moso giving a mad dog look cause dad scooped him up so he has to stay  home

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